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Nothing you haven't heard already

You definitely should have finished it, but that you knew. Anyway, I wonder if I could ask... what WOULD have happened if you had gone all out and finished it the way you had wanted/intended?

It is a shame that it ended like this since you'd put so much effort in the previous episodes, but I guess sometimes you just have to finish what you started even if it means cutting corners.

In terms of visuals, the animation was brilliant as usual. (Though there was one error I saw... when the nukes were about to hit, the truck the characters were escaping in appeared to be driving backwards. XD)

The audio was fine too, but I guess one of the unfinished parts was the voicing for some of the characters?

Plot--- Yes it wasn't finished, but the story doesn't necessarily end with the nuking of the city since in the previous episode, wasn't the girl bitten? So there is room for continuing if you ever chose to pick it up again.

Still, who knows maybe someday it could be finished, if not... that doesn't matter, just as long as you keep making cool animations like this series. You've got some serious talent!

Dusty-Gorilla responds:

They eventually would go to Umbrella Labs and get killed :/

Potential is obvious... but be careful

I see some fine potential with this to be a good series, but I still think there are a few things that need to be checked....
1- Credits- I get that crediting where you get sprites from and who is voicing who is important, BUT do you do not need to include it twice!
2- Storyline and plot- The plot is fine (zombies rise up and start killing everyone but a few survivors set off on a suicidal mission and some die on the way to find the solution to the problem and so on...) BUT you moved too fast (literally I thought it was lag at first but you just jump from shot to shot too much) I couldn't even see what happened to toadette and Petey other than he suddenly lies flat on the ground and she jumps on the plane window as a zombie.
3- Animation- The animation of the dialogue is fine and so is the sprite movement, but that being said... just seeing all the characters walking and shooting off screen zombies that are then laid on their path as they walk by is not very good for anything
4- Cast of characters- Mario game characters, what more is there to say other than that.... ohh and Why Ludwig? seriously why did you pick Ludwig as the only surviving Koopaling?
5-Voice Acting- The voice actors did a great job themselves, but you may want to include subtitles, because some things are a tad unclear at first.

That's all for now, but if you fix those few things you have a potentially great series going.

MurderMysteryMan responds:

1-It was the movie's opening, with drama and the such, you don't have to actually watch the credits, it is optional.
2-No, it was lag.....Toadette was squashed....
3-true for some, false for others
4-If it were real, you wouldn't get to choose who survives and who doesn't.
5-Thank you for being positive with the voice actors.

Thank you :)

Funny and awesome movie

I wasn't pleased at first when I first saw this movie the first time, but I watched it again and though it wasn't that bad, and then I watched it a third time to get all the medals and I like it now. Lots of funny jokes and hidden bonuses speaking of which, I found all of them except for how to do Saria's song. and for those who do not know.... THE HIDDEN RED LINK ICON IS NOT IN THE MAIN MOVIE IT'S SOMEWHERE ELSE IN AN OBVIOUS PLACE WITH ANOTHER MEDAL TRIGGER CLOSE BY (I'm not telling the exact spot unless someone tells me how to get Saria's Song medal first). Good luck with the next one dude... XD

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Fun and addictive game

The game is fun to play and I got a 283 combo. The game's story mode dialogue comes straight out of Star Fox 64 (but at least that is stated in the credits). The tank bouncing can get a tad repetitive after a while, but for some reason I couldn't help trying to get the highest combo score I could. I can't seem to achieve the last medal (which I am guessing has something to do with those planes shooting fireworks at the end of adventure mode), but I'm working on it. All in all it was a very fun game! Excellent work!

Simple and Fun game

The game is simple sidescroll game of shoot n kill anything that moves. I found it fun and a bit addictive, so nice work. Having said that, I found a few things that I think should be mentioned:
1- The game itself is too easy most of the time (even the higher levels are unbalanced as being incredibly easy with just a few cops and guards or insanely difficult with nothing but vehicles pedestrians and the occasional annoying park rangers), most of the time all you need is the tactical (automatic) shotgun and its upgrades and maybe some for armor and you can pretty much play the entire game using only that one gun. The only thing the auto-shotgun lacks is the precision to make easy headshots (I recommend the dual magnums for headshots).
2- The game has a few glitches that I noticed some of them helpful others not so much:
-When reloading, you are trapped on reloading instead of being allowed to change guns until you have time to reload safely (this is a huge problem when you're dealing with a lot of enemies firing at once)
-Rage Mode- Rage mode is pretty much useless aside from being invincible, because to be honest I found the tactical shotgun doing just as much damage if not more than the rage mode shots...BUT one thing I did notice was that (IMPORTANT AND USEFUL GLITCH GLITCH) the rage points stack up FOREVER... When I played, there was no limit to the amount of rage points I could save up even before I had any upgrades for it, you can play the easy levels and get tons of rage points then just go beserk with them on harder levels and if you are almost constantly killing something, you will hardly ever run out. (Use this to your advantage).
-There is another glitch I found while switching guns, it skips some of the guns when you try to equip them, exp: Everytime I went to equip the dual revolvers shotguns or the tactical shotgun, itd skip it and then I had to go back one to finally get to it.
-Another glitch is with the audio, you can turn the music off but when you go to turn off the sound effects, the reloading sounds stay on. (Also, I found the voice speaking "double kill" "headshot" and "RIP" kinda cool at first, but it got annoying after a while, but I kind of wanted to leave the sound effects on, so there might need to be a seperate mute for the voices next time).
-The last glitch is that I died on the last level seconds after I finished the mission and there were two helicopters on screen... well they stayed there even after the credits ended and the game returned to the main menu.

In the end though...all the errors and glitches aside, the game is fun and I enjoyed playing for the most part. XD

cicla responds:

hah thanks for the review :)


The game is extremely addictive, and I usually don't have much interest in these sort of games, but I liked it a lot. The bonus/special zombies were extremely funny. Zombie MJ with the 8bit mix of Thriller never got old to watch just before he and a horde of zombies ran wild in a town. I only wish you could have allowed replaying destroyed cities with all your cool upgrades and super zombies. The only thing I'D REALLY LIKE TO SEE is a sequel with actual NG medals to unlock and some more super zombies. One more thing, was there any reason why the zombie apocalypse never reached Washington, course all the maps pretty much looked the same, you need to add some variation to the obstacles like mini pyramids, tiny chinese huts, easter island heads etc. something to distinguish the lands other than the people alone. All in all GREAT game keep up the good work.

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